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You may choose to spend a few hours or a half days to recharge your life with a variety of spa treatments to choose from, combining healthy massages with skin and beauty treatments. You'll be able to relax to the best of your ability while staying healthy. The skin looks bright, vibrant and balanced, both physically and mentally.
Ruen Spa offers special spa packages that are tailored specifically to your needs to balance your body and mind. Revitalize your life

Aromatic Body Massage

Aroma massage is a massage of pure aromatic oils selected from nature with your favorite scents having balancing properties in the body. It is not sticky, it does not need to be washed off, it will help you rest, relax, heal and relieve tension by having a selection of dishes such as Aroma with Swedish, a European-style oil massage to relax muscles and improve blood circulation. Siam Aroma Massage is an aromatic oil massage. Incorporating Thai massage using elbows and body weight to press down on the spot. Muscle items for those who love to massage hard to make your muscles relax more completely. There is also an aroma massage with herbal compresses.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage Blend is a massage that perfectly combines royal massage and captive massage using different parts of the massager. Using hand acupressure Palm massage, clutching Stretching and twisting to allow the treated person to relax the muscles. Relieves fatigue and good blood circulation This makes the skin healthy and the skin is perfect. Thai massage with herbal compresses to help relieve aches, swellings, inflammation of muscles

Hand&Foot Massage

The palms and feet are the consolidation of all nerves in the body. Therefore, the hands and soles of the feet are very important. Before the massage, there will be a 10-minute warm bath, so start the massage. In a rhythmic and moderate massage, reflexes of the body points from the palms and feet will help different parts of the body. There is also a hand and foot spa to nourish the skin.

Face Massage

Facial massage is a relaxation of facial muscles that has many benefits, such as stimulating the circulatory system. Stress relief Prevents wrinkles, wrinkles or dull facial skin. 


14-step hand massage

With facial marking according to skin type 

Available in 4 recipes according to the skin type of the face.

– Increase whiteness (White & Bright)

– Detoxifying

– Increases firmness, reduces wrinkles (Anti-Aging)

 – Moisturizing

And Mark noses to suck pimples. 

Using guava's cosmetics, Brad Guinot. 

Hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy)

Water-based healthcare is widely used, such as infusion. Jacusi whirlpool, savannah, and herbal baking Benefits to remove toxin residues along the skin, causing muscle relaxation. relax Helps sleep


Herbal Steam Room