Ruen Spa has been in operation since 2004 to the present day and has created contemporary Thai décor surrounded by the nature of the plants. Comfortable parking location We offer both health and beauty services based on 3S Spa Skin Slim principles.
– Spa, a health and relaxing spa service 
– Skin nourishes, preserves, and improves the skin.
– Slim body tightening, slimming
    Ruen Spa offers a full range of health and beauty services that you can choose to suit your needs, including aromatherapy massage, Thai massage, head massage, foot massage, body scrub, facial massage, as well as sauna, herbal bath and hydrotherapy bath. The spa house has private rooms in all rooms, including 20 rooms.
– 9 Thai massage rooms (18 beds)
– 7 aromatherapy massage rooms divided into 5 single bed rooms and 2 double suites
– 1 massage room (3 beds)
– 1 foot massage room (4 beds)
– 1 sauna
– 1 herbal bath
– Jacuzzi